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1. Can you make or edit me a tattoo?


No, If I picked up every request I got it would be too much work.

2. Are you the same guy that post tattoos on WWE 2K Community Creations on PS4?

If you mean the guy that always tags "high quality" in his logos then yes. I'm that guy. I'm Number3Headband  (Now CkTheMask)


3. What image editing software do you use?

I use gimp from The GIMP Team. It's like Photoshop but free. You can download it here -

4. Where do you find the tattoos you post to the website?

Google and Bing

5. I get a 404 error when I click a tattoo. Why?

I store all the tattoo images on a image hosting website. When you get that 404 error it most likely means that website is down. It will most likely work if you try again later. I have no control over it.

6. Can I upload the content on this website to Community Creations?

I would prefer if you told people about the site instead of uploading the images to Community Creations yourself.  That way the website will keep growing.  That being said, I can't stop you from doing that and if I could I wouldn't. I don't own or make any of the tattoos on the website anyway. I simply edit the images so they look good in-game. If you do upload any images from here, please tag and/or Number3Headband so people have some clue were to got it from.

7. What console do you play on?

PlayStation. My PSN is CK The Mask ( formerly Number3Headband.)

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