Smackdown Tattoo is FINALLY LIVE and what you need to know.

Hello everyone, My name is Number3Headband and I've uploaded tattoo logos on WWE 2K Community Creations since WWE 2k16. I started uploading tattoos because the game doesn't really give you many choices in regards to tattoos like they used to in the early games and the tattoos people were uploading at the time didn't work well on characters with certain skin tones.

Ever year, since I started uploading tattoos, I've got a lot of request and messages asking when I'm going to upload more. The thing is, each year I reach the maximum number of upload slots you can get in the game (Diamond level) and I end up having a lot of tattoos that I can't upload or I end up having to delete ones I've already uploaded in order to make a room for new ones. I don't think that's very efficient so I decide to make this website. As you probably already know, unless you somehow got to this blog post before landing on the homepage, is website I made so I can make all the tattoos I use accessible to everyone and not be confined to a upload limit or a video game console.

Now that you know you little bit about me and why I made Smackdown Tattoo, let me know explain what this blog will be for. On this blog I'm going to do a few things. The first one being updating all of you of when I upload new tattoos and featers to the site. I might also talked about what's going on in wrestling at the moment or video games. I can also use this block to talk to all of you directly. As long as the common system works the way I think it does.

I think that's about it for now. Thank you to everybody that's uploading my tattoos on community creations over the years and thank you for taking the time out of your day to come to the site. Let hope this year we get the best WWE 2K we have ever gotten.

Hope there's not too many spelling and grammar errors,


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